Dirty Dozen Podcast

Episode 44 - Best Songs of 1980

November 18, 2020

Wow - 1980 was a great year for music.  Hang out and have some whiskey with us as we have a fun and fiery discussion about the best 12 songs of 1980.    Come listen in, have fun, listen to the madness and maybe learn a little about your favorite 80’s songs…

  1. We discuss some of the best bands of the 1980’s 
  2. A guest speaker - Lori - turns you on to a band you aren’t expecting.
  3. Jake loses his mind as he is possessed by another host.
  4. Rob heads down under, gets his country on, teaches British slang and gets yells a bit…
  5. Find Out what the Grateful Dead, Air Supply and Steely Dan have in common.


Spotify - Current Playlist , Top Songs from 1980

Apple - Current Playlist, Top Songs from 1980

YouTube - Best Songs of 1980

The Boys drink some Rogue Spirits Dead Guy Whiskey and Figueroa Davey Brown - Brown Ale


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