Dirty Dozen Podcast

Episode 49 - Leo Moracchioli from Frog Leap Studios

April 13, 2021

Jake and Rob discuss Leo Moracchioli from Frog Leap Studios and his top metal covers. In episode 49 - find out:

  • How a teacher’s assistant became one of the biggest stars on YouTube
  • How to teach your kids to love Metal Music
  • What actually caused everything that went wrong in 2020
  • What happens when you take a bunny to the mall.
  • What a popular pop song (that you’ve sung along to) is really about.
  • What 2021 trend — Leo did better than all of TikTok.

This Episode:

  • Rob sees Monty Python in songs, Jake picks a fight and it all gets a bit crazy….


YouTube - Best of Leo Moracchioli 

Spotify - Current Playlist , Leo Moracchioli

Apple   - Current Playlist,  Leo Moracchioli


After the boys finish filming We’ll Try It’s Multiverse of Madness, they drink some Firestone Walker Beers 


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Frog Leap Studios - http://www.frogleapstudios.com

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